Customer Satisfaction Survey: Benefits to Be Gained


It is best practice for businesses to conduct routine customer satisfaction surveys. If continuous surveys are conducted, business performance will gain benefit.

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys is needed to learn of customer satisfaction levels towards a product or service being offered. A comprehensive understanding of this will be valuable insight. A business can improve its lackings while sustaining the things considered positive points by its customers.

All kinds of businesses would do well not to underestimate customer satisfaction levels. Its results can determine the survival of a business. Only businesses with high customer satisfaction levels can win the market competition.

Qualtric findings state that strong customer satisfaction levels can be an accurate predictor of retention, loyalty, and purchase by customers. On the other hand, Forbes states that negative experience with a product or service will spread like wildfire and become detrimental to a business. It is found that one unsatisfied customer will share their negative experience to 16 other people. Meanwhile, when satisfied, they will only recommend the product or service to 12 others.

Looking at the above facts, customer satisfaction surveys’ importance must be considered. To support the case, below are benefits that business owners can gain from conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

1. Customer Retention

Nowadays, consumer loyalty towards one brand is very rare. The more determining factor is customer satisfaction levels. Question Pro finds that businesses can lose up to 45% of their customers if they are not able to present a positive experience.

Customer satisfaction surveys can measure the benchmark, so that businesses can learn of customer feedback and experience with their products or services. If results still prove negative assessment, improvements can be made to better retain customers.

2. Differentiating Factor with Competitors

A strong customer satisfaction level can become a differentiating factor with competitors. Moreover, it may become the winning factor in business competition. 

It is important to understand that consumers want and need good customer service. When the quality of products or services are more or less the same, consumers tend to choose those that bring them a more positive experience. Businesses can learn of consumer experiences and perceptions from customer satisfaction surveys, then strive to present them with the best possible experience.

3. Personalized Service for Customers

Customer satisfaction surveys can become a facilitator to improve personalizations of customer service. The latest trend shows that consumers increasingly demand service that is highly personal. 

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys will guide businesses to know the successes and failings of its service. In identifying the negatives, a business can directly contact the dissatisfied customer to give them the necessary compensation. Upon receiving it, the customer’s opinion will change into a positive one, as they will appreciate the personal attention given.

4. Business Image Improvement

Customer satisfaction surveys play a key role in improving business image. Survey results will show customer perceptions towards the quality of products or services. When the survey shows positive perceptions, business owners can sustain the quality. However, improvements must be made when satisfaction levels are found to be low.

Businesses should never underestimate dissatisfied customers. In this age of information technology, they can share their negative review or experience on social media or to other parties very easily. This will in turn damage business image. On the other hand, satisfied customers will bring the opposite and more desirable impact. Positive information will spread through word of mouth, and the business will benefit from strong branding.

Examples of How to Conduct Surveys

As elaborated above, various benefits can be gained from customer satisfaction surveys. Furthermore, businesses should conduct them regularly. Below are some examples of how to conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

Survey by Application

Customers are asked to share their level of satisfaction towards a product or service through an app. This system must be designed as simple and straightforward as possible to facilitate respondents in answering questions or giving ratings.

Survey by Email

Consumers can be asked to give evaluations through email. This method can be done by inviting customers to review product or service quality. Notably, there needs to be sufficient incentive or point of appeal to persuade customers to become respondents.

Customer satisfaction surveys are crucial in learning about a product or service’s quality. Business owners will do their best to conduct them routinely to maintain a positive experience and high levels of customer satisfaction.



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