The Story

Sampingan is the largest on-demand workforce solution in Indonesia, with over 300.000 agents connected nationwide. Our technology provides businesses with various clear cut solutions to meet their business objectives, while giving access to thousands of jobs and opportunities for all. It is this kind of impact ideology that drives us continually forward, no matter how the road lies ahead.

Logotype Manual

In embodying our story, the sampingan logo is designed to be simple, easily understood, and clear for both businesses and workers. The clear cut silhouette of the “i” shape provides a distinctive element while also maintaining the rather populist font. A combination that we hope would be an easy reminder of the values that Sampingan represents.

Logogram Manual

Aside from our logotype, Sampingan also utilizes a logogram to maintain brand clarity should there be certain limitations in a specific medium. Both the logogram and logotype carry the same brand representation and can be used interchangeably.

Do’s & Dont’s

When using our logo (both logogram or logotype), it is important that you adjust all elements in the medium as necessary to maintain maximum clarity of the logo’s silhouette and readability. Please see some of the examples above to see how you can adjust the logo and the elements accordingly. This includes the logo’s color, logogram or logotype, etc.

Logo Download

Please find below a collection of Sampingan’s logogram and logotype with its selected colors should you need to represent the Sampingan brand.

Download Sampingan’s Logo Pack here


The official Sampingan font set is Montserrat as a title font and Helvetica as a body font. See below for download links to these fonts.

Color Scheme

Sampingan has 3 shades within its color scheme, a primary, secondary, and tertiary. These shades are based on an analogous palette to enable versatility in expression when used in all our brand marketing materials, while staying faithful to the Sampingan identity.

  • Primary: Dandelion #FAC763
  • Secondary: Tree Poppy #F79320
  • Tertiary: Marzipan #F8D8A5

The shades can be implemented in all of Sampingan’s assets and collaterals, such as icons, buttons, advertisements, Etc.


Besides icons and graphics, Sampingan utilizes various photographs to better illustrate the various services that we provide both to businesses and workers. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Please find the link below should you wish to download some of Sampingan’s photographs when representing our brand.

Contact Info

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