How Workforce Management System (WMS) Improves Field Team Performance


In Indonesia, most technology industries are starting to utilize offline-to-online strategy to penetrate the market. This strategy incorporates brick-and-mortar techniques: Companies need door-to-door salesmen to offer products or to retain customers before shifting to online purchase. 

However, our internal analysis finds that 34% of companies rely on limited tools, such as Google Forms and Google Sheets, to report the offline end of the strategy. These limited tools still require much manual work. Furthermore, 21% of companies still use the obsolete tools of pen-and-paper to track their sales performance.

Meet Workforce Management System. 

In general, workforce management provides a common set of performance-based tools to support corporate management, front-line supervisors, etc. The application itself is set to manage employees and enhance workforce administration. This application covers end-to-end management systems to monitor the performance of the workforce, starting from daily performance tracker, attendance, to reports of performance results of each workforce.

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