Determining the Best Timing for Sales Canvassing


A healthy sales level is the main foundation of all businesses. Sales canvassing is one of the marketing technique options to achieve this. However, determining the correct timing to implement this technique is important in ensuring effective results.

Sales canvassing is a sales method that makes contact with new consumer candidates that the business has not had previous contact with. This method is quite challenging, as the sales team is demanded to work outside their comfort zone in order to find potential customers. However, if able to effectively implement this, there is a significant number of new contacts to be gained. As such, there are new consumer candidates that can be led to the sales funnel.

The effectiveness of sales canvassing begins from a business’s personal touch towards potential consumers. To visit or contact them directly can be seen as an act of caring for the potential customers. This in itself is a plus point. Moreover, if the sales team is able to provide a solution for its consumer candidates’ real-life problems, the chances of success will become more substantial. Not only can a business gain leads, actual sales transactions can also take place immediately.

Sales Stagnancy: The best timing to do sales canvassing

The biggest benefit of sales canvassing is the leads businesses can gain. This can be very important when the sales is experiencing stagnancy or seeing no increase in a certain period of time. Causes of stagnancy may vary. A lack of internal synchronicity between the sales and marketing teams or an outdated sales approach may be the problem. At the same time, external factors such as growing competitors can also be the root of stagnant sales.

When a business is facing the challenge of sales stagnancy, it is appropriate timing for the sales team to make a move through sales canvassing. They can directly meet candidates of potential consumers and gain new leads. Companies will not be short of leads if they are willing to do sales canvassing, as there are always new potential customers to acquire.

After the sales team gains these leads, the marketing team can direct them to the sales funnel. Various methods can be done; giving offers with promotional prices, creating personal service offers that are custom-made to the consumer’s needs, providing subscription packages. All these can help businesses secure new consumers and ultimately boost sales. As such, companies can avoid or get out of the sales stagnancy state.

Tips for preparing and executing sales canvassing

To ensure optimal execution of sales canvassing, here are the steps that your business can do in preparation.

  • Identifying the target market

Start with identifying the correct target market by analysing profiles of candidates for potential consumers. This will aid in targeting and ease the work of the sales team. Keep in mind that you have not had any prior interaction with the potential customers. So ensuring that they have a degree of interest in the products/services you have to offer will make the initial contact go more smoothly.

  • Setting goals and targets

Set the goal or objective of sales canvassing from the start; for example by dividing it into several phases. Say that the sales team’s objective in the first phase is collecting as many contacts as possible. Then you can arrange for all teams to concentrate on this particular goal. Setting a goal directs the team to focus on a specific target and the steps necessary to achieve it.

  • Building a coherent and consistent tone of communication

The sales team has to build and align a consistent tone of communication. In it, there needs to be a solid and coherent value proposition. Communicate the added value, benefits, or solutions that consumers can get from your company’s products or services. A straightforward example is demonstrating how your product can save consumer’s spending by a certain percentage.

  • Utilizing different methods

Implement different methods of sales canvassing in its early stages. You can split teams by these different methods; cold call, door-to-door, networking, direct emails. This division and diversification will maintain the potential to gain new consumers, as one method or another may prove ineffective. When a certain method has been found to be most suitable, your team can proceed to focus on executing that particular sales canvassing method henceforth.

Sales canvassing can bring new leads. The sales team will not lack candidates for potential consumers that the marketing team can target and work on. Ultimately, this will help businesses avoid or get out of sales stagnancy.



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