Taris Adani

Digital Banking Usage in Indonesia

Taris Adani

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COVID-19 pandemic has ushered many Indonesian customers into the digital space.

Physical restrictions have made this shift inevitable. Thus we see an accelerated rate of technology adoption. This influx of customers is now synchronous with the rising number of digital service providers. Digital banking is an example of a rapidly growing sector with many new digital banking players arriving at the scene.

Considering the pivotal role of finance in modern society, the shift to digital banking becomes necessary to be observed. Hence, Sampingan conducted a study to better understand digital bank adoption among Indonesians and compare the difference between digital banking products and conventional banking. In doing so, we will collect information regarding the usage of digital banking products, along with their drivers and the adoption barriers. The results could provide an overview, identify future projections, and unlock new opportunities in the digital banking sector.

Find out how Indonesian people perceive and use digital banking, and how they compare with conventional banking. Download the report for FREE!




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