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Accelerating a low carbon future: Bridging Indonesian consumers’ intent and action (Report)

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Consumers and the private sector play a complementary role that can make a big difference in addressing climate change. 

These stakeholders can make a big difference by influencing and changing production and consumption patterns. This is especially relevant in Indonesia. While the country is one of the biggest emission emitters globally, it is also a nation with huge potential to offer viable solutions. 

To understand how Indonesia plays a part in contributing to a low carbon economy, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) & Sampingan surveyed 600 Indonesian consumers to gauge their level of awareness and gain insights into their behaviors. The survey allowed for an assessment of the remaining gaps between intent and action to formulate key recommendations on how private sectors and consumers can be part of the solution to climate change.

This report can give insights into the opportunities the private sector, including corporations and NGOs, can take by understanding Indonesian consumers’ take on climate change.

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