Taris Adani

Sampingan’s ESOMAR Membership

Taris Adani
Sampingan ESOMAR Membership

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We are pleased to announce that as of the Q2 of 2021, Sampingan is a corporate member of the global research association, ESOMAR.

ESOMAR is an international association of the market, social, and opinion research industry, providing ethical and practical guidance for research professionals since 1947. 

Sampingan is looking forward to using this opportunity to extend our network and advance our Research Management service through the guidance provided by ESOMAR. The code of conduct set by ESOMAR is sponsored by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and has been acknowledged in more than 50 countries to standardize the research industry. Sampingan believes that adhering to ESOMAR’s code of conduct will help Sampingan in providing high-quality insights through our Research Management services with standardized practices.

Research Management by Sampingan offers a wide range of brand and research services from full-service research, online survey, data collection management to mystery shopping. By combining a team of experts of diverse technique proficiency (secondary, quantitative, and qualitative) with technology for further validation to produce coherent insights with competitive pricing. Sampingan’s fast execution and nationwide reach are supported by its own online panel management, consisting of 800,000 registered users across Indonesia. A sophisticated data collection system that provides near real-time reporting gives clients full transparency of the process. Sampingan has conducted research for various industries, adjusting the methods to specific needs.

You can learn more about ESOMAR, their code of conduct, and resources on their website.




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