Service Evaluation with Mystery Shopper

Conducting an evaluation of business services and operations is highly important. Through this evaluation, the service quality of products in consumers’ eyes will become apparent. A method to try in acquiring optimal results is mystery shopper. Mystery Shopper is a technique to measure the quality of customer service or to collect specific information regarding a […]

Price Survey: Finding and Setting the Most Proper Selling Price

Determining a selling price for products or services is an endeavor that demands thorough consideration. Setting a price that is too high or too low will both impact negatively on a business. As such, businesses will do well to utilize price surveys in avoiding miscalculation of the most proper selling price. To set a selling […]

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction by Utilizing Technology

Satisfied customers are an important foundation for business success. As such, customer satisfaction has to be maintained and improved. Utilizing technology can be one of the effective ways to achieve this. Closely related to consumer experience, customer satisfaction is a measure of satisfaction level that customers have towards a company’s service or product. Meanwhile, consumer […]

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